The Races of Elves

The Races of Elves

There was once an era when the races of elves and men were friends. As allies, we even fought and died for each others’ kingdoms. 

The Blue Elves know now that the era has passed, and we must rely on our own kind to defend ourselves from the warmongering Yrlans.


Elsémur, the capital city of my people, the Blue Elves, has been shown an act of war by the Yrlans. It is fabled by the elders that Elsémur was erected by the hands of Arran, the water god, and stands as a fortress to protect the surrounding waters. Despite our isolation, my people rule all the world’s oceans from the capital. We are diplomatic in our efforts, but I fear that tensions with the Yrlans will soon lead to attacks, and we have very few allies other than the Blue Elves of Ennlya.


We rely on the memory keeper, Shaa’n, and the Mother Prophetess, Allu-Tillea, to bring us wisdom and guidance in this time of peril. The Mother Prophetess holds the power to interpret the future through the water of senses. As a young elf, like many before me, I traveled to the ancient caves of Atonnae to hear the Mother Prophetess tell me my life’s path.



Though Allu-Tillae holds the powers of divination, the legends of my people say that there is one that may command all the power of the oceans combined. The memory keeper says that this elf, the Chosen, can control the will of the oceans through an ancient and powerful Crystal. Shaa’n once said that the Crystal allows the user to be one with the oceans and that the water belongs to them--and obeys their will. There are many who have tried to claim the Crystal from the depths of the ocean, but its power can only be harnessed by an elf who is pure of mind.

I fear that Elsémur will soon fall to the Yrlans. Perhaps, if the Chosen is discovered, we might have a leader that will become one with the oceans and ensure the safety of our people.

We Blue Elves are not the only ones of our kind. There are the Sylvan Elves, known to men as the elves of the forest. The Sylvan Elves have the ability to harness the power of the trees and vines that surround their realm. They pray to the spirit of the forest, and through its power they can even heal the dying.

The elves of the forest, however, isolate themselves within the walls of trees and growth that surround them, and do not take kindly to outsiders. Like us, the Sylvan Elves were once friends to the race of men, and helped them to live harmoniously with the forest. Despite this, the men betrayed their trust, and killed the trees to satisfy their growing numbers. Haunted by the destruction of their sacred lands, the Sylvan Elves took up arms against their mortal neighbors, and the race of men lost their ability to communicate with the spirit of the forest.


Now, the Sylvan Elves live in fear and isolation, remaining hostile to anyone who trespasses within their sacred lands. They believe that the nature of men is to possess, conquer, and destroy. I fear that their race may never overcome their greed, but there are those among us who would prove me wrong…


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