Elves, Vol. 1
Written By: Jean-Luc Istin, Nicolas Jarry, Kyko Duarte, Gianluca Maconi
The Blue Elves of Ennlya, a small port town of Nordrenn, have been murdered! Lanawyn, a Blue Elf, and Turin, her human ally, set out to discover who is responsible. The trail they uncover leads back to a clan of Yrlans—Northern men who hate Elves. At the same time, Vaalann, a young Blue Elf, undergoes a dangerous test called the Water of the Senses. Her future, as divined by the Mother Prophetess, is closely linked to the Sacred Crystal . . . a powerful artifact that enables the wielder to control the ocean itself! Could Vaalann be the messiah that the Blue Elves have been waiting generations for?

The Sylvan Elves have hidden themselves away from the world, jealously preserving their independence and sacred grounds. Anyone who dares enter their territory soon becomes their prey. Eysine, City-State of the East, has always observed respect for the ancient pact between Elf and Man. But when a powerful army of Ork mercenaries lays siege to the kingdom, Llali, the daughter of the King of the city, must remind the Elves of the treaty that previously linked their two peoples. This tale is that of two races who have forgotten their shared past. It is also that of an Elf and a Human who carry with them the power to reawaken this bond.

Thus begins Elves, a sprawling saga of mythic proportions!
Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 5/2/2017
ISBN: 9781608878772
Pages: 112
Trim Size: 7.75 x 10.25

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Jean-Luc Istin, Author: Jean-Luc Istin is a comic artist and writer of mainly heroic fantasy comics. In addition to Elves, he is the author of Druids, Merlin, and Aleph, among several other comics.

Nicolas Jarry, Co-Author: Nicolas Jarry is a French author who is passionate about writing and traditional fantasy. His novels include Chronicles of a Warrior Sînamm, a two volume historic-mythological saga he co-wrote with France Richemond; Sphinx; and The People of the Sea, as well as the fantasy trilogy The Wolf of Deb. Jarry began writing comics after meeting with Jean-Luc Istin, with whom he wrote Les Brumes d'Asceltis. He then went on to write the Chroniques de Magon comic series along with Maxime Murène, Les Contes de Brocéliande, and La Rose et la Croix.

Kyko Duarte, Illustrator: Kyko Duarte is a Spanish artist who began his artistic career in advertising. Since 1997, Duarte has become a prolific illustrator of horror, fantasy, and satirical comics.

Gianluca Maconi, Illustrator: Gianluca Maconi studied at the Art Institute of Enrico Galvani and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In 2004, he won the Pietro Miccia Award for Best Cartoonist in Torino Comics for his Italian comic Shadows of the Lagoon. He also won the Boscarato Prize for Best Short Comic for La casa di Alice, and in 2005 he wrote The Pasolini Case. He has been illustrating the French series Elya, les brumes d'Asceltis and Elves with writer Nicolas Jarry since 2012.